3 am


Contextual Urban Projects

3am is a time when one day is already gone but another hasn't really started yet. It is a time of alteration, an intermediate zone of suspense when the sleeping city becomes a playground accessible to everyone. On the day The Flag Project was actualized we started by gathering at the local gallery just after 3am in the morning. Even the number 3 has a form of infinity cut in half marking a space between everything and nothing.

3am as an independent collective has been evolving since 2014 and has been centering around three persons: a sculptor turned gallerist, a proactive architect and a project manager with a background in IT and corporate finance. A number of other great creative persons have been involved with and collaborating with 3am since the start. As a group we try to integrate various areas of artistic expression: sculpture, urban development, text, photography, video, sounds, drawings, social media etc.



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